a bitcoin lightning slack bot

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/tip 100 @user Tip a user 100 satoshi
/botoshi balance View your balance
/botoshi deposit Deposit bitcoin to your account
/botoshi invoice 1000 Generate a lightning invoice
/botoshi pay lnbcxxxx Pay a lightning invoice
You have 10000 satoshi.
To the moon 🚀!
@You gave @Gilfoyle a tip of 1000 satoshi.
To the moon 🚀!
/botoshi help

Send users bitcoin tips

Tip users satoshis by using the message actions (1) or by typing the /tip command (2)
Who wants to play ping pong for 500 satoshi? 🏓
Too busy looking at the btc price.
Get back to work!
Tip user
/tip 1000 @Gilfoyle
You have 20000 satoshi
How would you like to deposit?
⚡ Lightning
/botoshi deposit

Deposit to fill up your wallet

Deposit via Lightning or Bitcoin (automatically converts to Lightning)

Generate or pay Lightning invoices

Also use Lightning apps outside of Slack
✅ Invoice paid!
/botoshi pay lnbcxxxxxx

Add to slack

⚡ Lightning up your slack

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Frequently asked questions

What is Botoshi?

Botoshi is a Bitcoin Lightning Network bot. A wallet within Slack that let's you tip users and generate and pay lightning invoices.

What is Lightning?

In Bitcoin a block (batch of transactions) is mined every 10 minutes. Because blocks have a fixed maximum size, Bitcoin can process around 7 transactions per second. This means transactions on the main chain are not well suited for fast and cheap micro transactions. In order to scale, new technologies have to be invented on top of this main chain.

The Lightning Network is one of those proposals and adds another layer to Bitcoin’s blockchain. It enables users to create payment channels between two parties on that extra layer. Within these channels it’s possible to send bitcoin payments, and because they’re set up between two people, transactions are almost instant and the fees are extremely low.

Is Botoshi a custodial wallet?

At the moment using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network requires quite some effort for new users. With Botoshi we focus on creating a smooth first experience with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. In order to create this friendly user experience we chose to manage the funds via an open source project called LNDhub. This allows us to on-board users without troubling them with setting up nodes, opening channels etc. If you would like to setup your own node, feel free to look at these options.

Is it free?

Yes! Making profit is not the main goal of Botoshi. Our aim is to educate people about Bitcoin and let everyone experience the future of money without much hassle. However, in order to pay for our hosting we might add small fees in the future.

How do I get funds on my account?

It is possible to deposit via Lightning or Bitcoin. The Lightning method is recommended if you already have a lightning wallet. If you don’t have funds on the Lightning Network, choose the Bitcoin deposit method. This will automatically convert your deposit to funds on the Lightning Network. There are lots of ways to buy Bitcoin depending on your country and the payment method.

Why hasn't the app been officially reviewed by Slack?

At the moment Slack doesn't list apps that facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. They do allow distribution through other channels.